Scientific research with prize option

Authors wishing to submit their research in order to be evaluated for the prize option should select the corresponding option on the summary classification page. Researches with option to prizes whose summary has not been nominated for presentation at the congress will not be accepted.

The delivery format must follow the instructions for Authors of the Actualizaciones en SIDA e Infectología journal.

The full version of the research must be sent to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after having been sent by the abstract submission system (clarify in the email the summary number assigned by the system).

Research already exhibited in international congresses, based outside the country (which have been submitted in the last 2 years) may be submitted. This provision tends to allow the dissemination of these research among professionals who could not attend that event. These works will be identified as “non-original” prize research (this must be clarified by the authors in the research presentation email).

Research that have been published (with advanced online access or not) in any indexed scientific journal, or those that have been presented in national congresses, cannot be presented for prize.

The papers that were partially submitted (cuts from ongoing studies with preliminary results) in national congresses (including SADI) can be presented for a prize if they meet all the following conditions: a) they are the final result of said study, b) they have a significant change in the n of the sample or in its preliminary conclusions, c) they were not presented for award in any national or international congress and d) they comply with the aforementioned regulations (they have not been published in indexed journals).