WHO has published an interim checklist for local authorities on Practical actions in cities to strengthen preparedness for the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The checklist accompanies the interim guidance on Strengthening preparedness for COVID-19 in cities and urban settings.

Sábado, 18 Julio 2020 14:00

Webinar - Covid 19 y HIV en la pandemia

Sábado 18 de julio. 14.00 horas.

Covid 19 y HIV en la pandemia.

Exponen: Dr. Omar Sued y Dra. Romina Quercia.

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Viernes 17 de julio. 18.00 horas.

Recursos psicológicos para desarrollar el bienestar en profesionales de la salud durante la pandemia.

Realizado con la colaboración de Congéneros y Psicólogos Autoconvocados.

Expone: Fernando García. Dr. En Psicología.

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WHO Director-General Dr Tedros joined the leaders of Spain to pay tribute to those who lost their lives to COVID-19, and stated that “Spain has shown that with political leadership and action, backed by community support, COVID-19 can be controlled, no matter at what stage virus transmission is at in a country”.

75 countries have submitted expressions of interest to protect their populations and those of other nations through joining the COVAX Facility, a mechanism designed to guarantee rapid, fair and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines worldwide. The goal of COVAX is to deliver two billion doses of safe, effective vaccines that have passed regulatory approval and/or WHO prequalification.

Miércoles 15 de julio. 18.00 horas.

Webinar - Aspectos Bioéticos en la Pandemia por Covid19. Perspectivas religiosas.

Exponen: Fishel Szlajen (Rabino) / Andrés Tello Cornejo (Sacerdote).

Moderan: Dr. Ignacio Maglio (SADI)

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WHO is supporting ongoing vaccination efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing knowledge and assistance to immunization programmes worldwide and helping countries as they balance the threat of COVID-19 with the threat of vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks and related-deaths.

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